Get 75% off drinks at cafés, bars, restaurants and wine farms

Start your 2-week free trial in 4 easy steps.

Get 75% off drinks at cafés, bars, restaurants and wine farms

Start your 2-week free trial in 4 easy steps.

When was the last time you paid R9.50 for a draught beer or R7 for a coffee…


Why join QuarterClub?

QuarterClub features a collection of local cafés, bars, restaurants and wine farms. Aligned with our goal to support small businesses, we only partner with the local gems!

Club members get exclusive access to quarter price coffees, beer, wine, juices, smoothies and more.

What our members say


Best way to go for good coffee with friends.

Anje Van Wyk


Easy sign up, simple to use and a lot of offers to choose from.

Luke Osborne


Just what the South African food & beverage industry needs right now.

Chris Joubert

Let’s do some basic math.

Assuming you have:

0 +

At an avg. of R35/drink, your monthly fix is costing R700.

At quarter the price (75% off), we save you:

R 0 +

Explore local favourites and start saving now.

Some of our offers

Sea Point

Dreidel Lager 500ml draught beer

R38.00 R9.50

View offer

Camps Bay

Flat white, Americano

R30.00 R7.50

View offer


Classic Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 

R48.00 R12.00

View offer

Sea Point

Cappuccino, Flat white, Americano

R20.00 R5.00

View offer

Silo District

CBC 500ml draught beer

R65.00 R16.25

Fairview wine

R60.00 R15.00

View offer


You will be charged your first month’s membership after the 2-week trial ends

Yes, you can cancel membership anytime. But we hope you stay!

Membership is R100/month. You’ll pay this back in less than 4 drinks. It’s a no brainer.

It’s unlimited! We do however limit it to 2 drinks per hour (no one can handle more coffees than that anyways)

Unfortunately, not. The purpose here is to help our partners get feet through the door in hours that suit them best. Please take a look at our Explore page to see which drinks are on offer and during which day(s) and time(s).

Simply present your membership card to a member of staff before ordering. You will receive your membership card after you have joined the Club.

How partners benefit

We’ve partnered with some top local favourites who want brand exposure and feet through the door in times that suit them best. 

By going for quarter price drinks, you’re giving them a chance to show off what they have to offer.  

QuarterClub partners