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Forget expensive marketing campaigns. QuarterClub offers an effective way to bring customers through your door at times that suit your business best.

This unique platform will promote your brand alongside some of South Africa’s top cafés, bars, restaurants and wine farms resulting in real-time customer exposure.

It’s free to use. Why not try it out?

How we benefit our partners

  • More customers
  • Brand exposure
  • Increased sales
  • Utilised down-time

Simple. Easy. Flexible.

All we require is the following:

1. Days & hours to feature quarter-price drinks for members. We require a minimum of 1 hour per week. 

2. Drink(s) on offer: coffee, beer, wine, cocktails, juices or more.

How we give back

QuarterClub offers an optional incentive programme designed to give a portion of monthly membership fees directly back to your business. 

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